Emu Oil is extracted from the fat tissues of emu birds, a flightless bird that originated in Australia. Pure Grade A, unadulterated Emu Oil has a milky white color and a thick consistency. Pure Emu Oil has a characteristic composition of fatty acids not present in other oils. The composition standards are Myristic Acid (0%-0.5%), Palmitic Acid (18.5%-25%), Palmitoleic Acid (2.50%-5.50%), Stearic Acid (8.50%-10%), Oleic Acid (52.00%-55.00%), Linoleic Acid (9.00%-12.00%), Linolenic Acid (0.00%-2.00%). It is believed that these components act synergistically to provide the many demonstrated benefits of emu oil.

So far, only Emu Oil had the required composition, leaving people that prefer not to use animal products in beauty applications without viable alternatives. After almost two years of research, our scientists have now developed GREEMU, a blend of plant oils with a composition that conforms to the standards of pure Emu Oil.

What is GREEMU?

Many people would prefer not to use Emu Oil if a suitable alternative made without animal ingredients was available. Scientists at Devonian® have now developed a new blend of plant oils and butters with a lipid composition that matches that of Grade A Emu Oil. As shown in the Certificate of Analysis, GREEMUTM conforms to the standards for Grade A Emu Oil in terms of color, composition, texture, and consistency.

GREEMUTM will protect and nourish your skin, and it is excellent at improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As dry hair treatment, GREEMUTM will restore manageability, reduce split ends and result in shiny, healthy hair.

What's in GREEMUTM? The ingredients of GREEMUTM are Macadamia Seed Oil, Palm Oil (Organic and Sustainable Certified), Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Rice Bran Oil.

Safety warning: GREEMUTM  is for external use only and is not for people allergic to plant oils.

Directions: Please note that GREEMUTM is designed to absorb more slowly than emu oil. Therefore, it is important to use much less and repeat the application if necessary. Use only a few drops of GREEMUTM at a time. For skin, spread well using upward motions and allow to absorb completely. For hair, apply from root to tip, managing the scalp if necessary.

GREEMU™ Oil Certificate of Analysis

Compliance with standards for lipid composition of EMU Oil

BATCH #D5121M25

0.00 - 0.50
18.50 - 25.00
2.50 - 5.50
8.50 - 10.00
50.00 - 55.00
9.00 - 12.00
0.00 - .2.00
GREEMU™ is a blend of plant oils that replicates the liquid composition of Emu Oil
Sources: Jeengar et al., Nutrion 31 (2015), 21-27; Bennet et al., Poultry Science, (2015), 94 (9). 2288 - 2296; American Emu Association


Macadamia Seed Oil is our source of Palmitoleic acid for GREEMU™. Palmitoleic acid at such a high concentration is rarely found in vegetable oils. This fatty acid is mostly found in fish oils. Palmitoleic acid is found in macadamia oil in concentrations as high as 21% This fatty acid is secreted by young children’s sebaceous glands giving them pulp and dewy skin. It almost disappears from the sebum by aging. Macadamia Seed Oil helps to recapture the skin of childhood. It effectively hydrates dry and rough skin and reduces the appearance of the fine lines including those around the eyes. It shows excellent absorbency with protective barrier which does not clog the pores of the skin. It is also an excellent emollient and possesses a good afterfeel and superior spreading coefficient. Macadamia oil is an excellent botanical replacement for mink oil in most applications. It is also used for hair.

Palm Oil Certified Organic and sustainably grown is our source of Palmitic and Oleic acids. Due to its nutrient-dense profile, palm oil is highly beneficial for skin health.

Shea Butter is our source of oleic, stearic and linoleic acids. Shea butter is a superb moisturizer that contains vitamin E and other natural active elements, and is a perfect natural moisturizing agent for the skin, particularly the face and hands. It penetrates deeply into the epidermis and leaves a smooth, satiny finish.. Shea butter is an excellent conditioner for dry and brittle hair.

Sunflower Seed Oil is our source of linoleic acid. An excellent emollient, sunflower seed oil has the ability to help repair the skin’s barrier, reduce inflammation and help hydrate dry skin.

Rice bran oil is another source of linoleic acid. Rice Bran oil is a beauty staple of Japanese women, used to keep the skin wrinkle free and smooth. Rice Bran also contains squalene a potent antioxidant also found in shark liver oil which also promotes the production of collagen in the skin.